Dimensions – 10 1/2″ X 1 1/2″ X 1 1/4″
(267mm X 38mm X 32mm)
Aluminum (CM-006), polymer (CM-052),
optional solid wood
Product weight – 1 lb (1 kg)
Energy efficient LED light source
Automatic ON/OFF when arm is pulled away from wall
Light output – 160 lumens
Light color – 2700 K (warm)
Color accuracy – 90+ CRI
LED power consumption – 2W
Specifications subject to change

pdf Instructions Libri – Hardwired

pdf Instructions Libri – Plug In

pdf Instructions Libri – Mounting Kit, J-Box Hardwired

pdf Instructions Libri – Mounting Kit, Wall Mount Plug In




The libri is about function and ease – an
extremely articulate directional task light in a
discrete and sturdy form that is very intuitive to use.

Nick Sheridan


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material, finish & mounting options


Mounting Options:
Direct mount
1/2” (13mm) hole required on mounting surface
for cord passage
J-box backplate
Hardwired installation requires room in the j box
for the included external power adapter
(2” x 1” x 1 .25”) (51mm X 25mm X 32mm)
Wall mount plug in

Backplate/Wall mount finish
brushed aluminum (CM-006)

Alternate voltage / plug styles available
J-box centered behind fixture





















Direct Mount Option is used when mounting directly
to a headboard. There is no backplate and the cord must be fed
through a hole in the headboard directly behind where the fixture
is mounted and plugged into a wall outlet using the included
AC adaptor.

J-Box Backplate is typically used when mounting a hardwired
model to a junction box. It can also be mounted directly to a wall
and used with a plugin model.

Wall Mount Plugin Backplate is used when mounting
directly to the wall and plugging into a wall outlet. The wall mount
is an elongated rectangle that allows the cord to exit discreetly below the fixture.