levo – bedside wall sconce/reading light hybrid with USB charger.

Dimensions – 10” x 16” – 3.25” deep
(254mm x 406mm – 83mm deep)
Solid wood (CM-001), aluminum (CM-006), frosted
polymer (CM-024)(CM-052)
Product weight – 3 lbs (1kg)
Static sconce light + swing arm w/ rotating head light
Energy efficient LED light sources
Light output –
Static sconce source – 565 lumens
Swing arm source – 160 lumens
Light color –
Static sconce source – 2700 K – 90+ CRI
Swing arm source – 2700 K – 90+ CRI
Power usage – 20W total (10W USB charger)
USB charge current – 2A
Fully dimmable static sconce light with
automatic ON/OFF swing arm light source
Input voltage – 12V DC (adapter included)
Hardwired and corded versions available
Hardwired model includes an external power adapter
(2.75” x 1.625” x 1.125”) (70mm X 41mm X 29mm)
Requires space in J-box for included power adapter
Specifications subject to change





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left and right side available


hardwired* or cord available

Alternate voltage / plug styles available
Swing arm light is not dimmable

* Hardwired installation uses a standard 3″ round plaster ring and requires room in the j box for the included external power supply.













The goal for the Levo was to create a bedside wall fixture with great task lighting articulation that was intuitive enough to be used without prior knowledge of the fixture – all the while making it slender, sexy, and very robust.

Nick Sheridan