Cerno’s mission is to design and build original products in California. To make this possible we advocate for creativity and ingenuity in every step of the process. Our philosophy is grounded in the utmost respect for the materials, the craftsmanship and our entire team.


Making our products here means we have a constant and reliable feedback loop that improves every day. We’re proud to have stayed true to the made in California vision. It is not easy, but the hard parts are what make the product better and it’s incredibly rewarding.


Our aesthetic foundation lies in marrying modernism and contemporary design. The fixtures are minimal, as every feature has a purpose and is executed elegantly with authentic materials.


Promote Creativity, Innovation and Craftsmanship
Believing that something that does not exist can exist is the most important step in the creative process. Growing up, we saw this phenomenon proven time and time again by our parents, grandparents, and friends. At Cerno we embody the saying “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” and today we share this mentality with the rest of the team. We’ve built an environment where creativity is encouraged. We have a team that is passionate about the process and what they are making. And we continue to find new ways to cultivate and support craftsmanship and a skilled workforce in California.

Use Vertical Integration to Maintain Product Integrity
We design, prototype and build Cerno products under one roof. Vertically integrating all our processes from design through build in this way allows us to solve problems holistically, with the entire process, through the finished product, in mind. We can stay true to our minimal aesthetic: every feature has a function.

Champion Efficiency and Quality
Our process is constantly evolving to efficiently use resources. We believe in studying and respecting the innovators and craftsmen that came before us, so that we embrace technology thoughtfully and weigh the actual benefits before using it.