aeris 30
dimensions – 30″ x 6″ – 8″ H
(762mm x 152mm x 203mm H)
weight – 11 lbs (5kg)

aeris 54
dimensions – 54” x 6″ – 8 “H
(1372mm x 152mm x 203mm H)
weight – 15 lbs (7kg)

Materials: solid wood, aluminum
Aeris 30 weight: 11 lbs, Aeris 54 weight: 15 lbs
Energy efficient LED light source
Light output: 1720 Lumens (source)
[Down light: 1030, Up light: 690]
Light color: 2700 K (warm) or 3500 K (cool)
Color accuracy: 90+ CRI
LED power consumption: 16W
Dimmable (see driver below)
Linear Canopy included
Canopy finish matches fixture’s metal finish
Wood Canopy Covers are available:
Walnut (CM-001) cover:
part #60-130-005W
Dark stained walnut (CM-002) cover:
part #60-130-005D
See website for more canopy information
6′ drop length, field adjustable
Suitable for a sloped ceiling
Wood grain will vary
Specifications subject to change





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Material & Finish Options

Metal Finish:
brushed aluminum (CM-006)
black anodized aluminum (CM-007)

Wood Body:
walnut (CM-001)
dark stained walnut (CM-002)





















The Brevis fixture is the light engine for the Aeris

The Aeris was a collaboration with New York
based designer Frank Carfaro of Desiron. The
organic and often wild swirls of walnut grain are
interrupted by rigorous slits and inlays that
punctuate each face to create a beautiful
juxtaposition, making each fixture unique. The
glow of the illuminated wood seen through the slits
creates a rich composition of light and shadow.

Nick Sheridan